APM Server version 7.12edit

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APM Server version 7.12.1edit

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  • Upgrade Go to 1.15.9 5100

APM Server version 7.12.0edit

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Breaking Changesedit

  • Leading 0s are no longer removed from trace/span ids if they are created by Jaeger 4671
  • Jaeger spans will now have a type of "app" where they previously were "custom" 4711
  • Jaeger spans may now have a (more accurate) outcome of "unknown" where they previously were "success" 4711

Bug fixesedit

  • Dynamic templates for labels are no longer repeated 4695
  • Tail-based sampling policies are now always matched in the order given 4685

Intake API Changesedit

  • Add cloud.service.name support for metadata 4626


  • Jaeger gRPC is now served over the same port as the Elastic APM agent protocol 4618
  • Support for reloading config in Fleet mode, gracefully stopping the HTTP server and starting a new one 4623
  • Add a _doc_count field to transaction histogram docs 4647
  • OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) over gRPC is now supported on the standard endpoint (8200) 4677 4722
  • Add initial support for APM central config and sourcemaps when running under Fleet 4670
  • Data stream and ILM policy for tail-based sampling 4707
  • Add service name to index dataset 4674
  • When tail-sampling is enabled, a default policy must be defined 4729
  • Support additional config options when running under Fleet 4690
  • Upgrade Go to 1.15.8 4733


  • apm-server.jaeger config is deprecated and will be removed in 8.0. Jaeger is now served on 8200 4618