APM Server version 7.14edit

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APM Server version 7.14.1edit

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No significant changes.

APM Server version 7.14.0edit

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Breaking Changesedit

  • Removed monitoring counters apm-server.processor.stream.errors.{queue,server,closed} 5453

Bug fixesedit

  • Fix panic on Fleet policy change when transaction metrics or tail-based sampling are enabled 5670
  • Remove multipart form temporary files left behind by source map uploads 5718
  • Removed service name from dataset 5451
  • Fixed tail-based sampling pubsub to use _seq_no correctly 5126


  • Support fetching sourcemaps from fleet 5410
  • Add support for more input variables in fleet integration 5444
  • Add debug logging of OpenTelemetry payloads 5474
  • Add support for OpenTelemetry labels describing mobile connectivity 5436
  • Introduce apm-server.auth.* config 5457
  • Add support for adjusting OTel event timestamps using telemetry.sdk.elastic_export_timestamp 5433
  • Add units to metric fields 5395
  • Add support for histograms to metrics intake 5360
  • Display apm-server url in fleet ui’s apm-server integration 4895
  • Translate otel messaging.* semantic conventions to ECS 5334
  • Tail-sampling processor now resumes subscription from previous position after restart 5350
  • Add support for dynamic histogram metrics 5239
  • Support setting agent configuration from apm-server.yml 5177
  • Add metric_type and unit to field metadata of system metrics 5230
  • Under fleet, report which agent configs have been applied 5481
  • Server sends its raw config to kibana when running on ECE/ESS 5424


  • Make destination.service.name and destination.service.type fields optional and deprecated 5468
  • apm-server.secret_token is now apm-server.auth.secret_token 5457
  • apm-server.api_key is now apm-server.auth.api_key 5457