Server Information APIedit

This documentation refers to the API of the standalone (legacy) APM Server. This method of running APM Server will be deprecated and removed in a future release. Please consider upgrading to Fleet and the APM integration. If you’ve already upgraded, see Server information API.

The APM Server exposes an API endpoint to query general server information. This lightweight endpoint is useful as a server up/down healthcheck.

Server Information endpointedit

Send an HTTP GET request to the server information endpoint:


This endpoint always returns an HTTP 200.

If an API keys or Secret token is set, only requests including authentication will receive server details.


Example APM Server information request:

curl -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer secret_token"

  "build_date": "2021-12-18T19:59:06Z",
  "build_sha": "24fe620eeff5a19e2133c940c7e5ce1ceddb1445",
  "publish_ready": true,
  "version": "7.17.22"