RUM JS Agent version 5.xedit

5.3.0 (2020-07-06)edit

  • Introduced better grouping strategy for all managed transactions based on the current browser’s location by default instead of grouping all transactions under UNKNOWN category: #827
  • Capture XHR, Fetch calls as spans that happened before the agent script is downloaded using the browser’s Resource Timing API: #825
  • Populate span.destination.* context fields for Navigation Timing span that denotes the HTML downloading phase: #829
  • Use Page Visibility API to discard transactions if the page was backgrounded at any point during the lifetime of the transaction: #295
  • Add apiVersion config to TypeScript typings: #833

5.2.1 (2020-06-24)edit

  • Added support for path array in <ApmRoute> React component that associates the transaction based on the mounted path: #702
Bug fixesedit
  • Capture Total Blocking Time (TBT) only after all longtask entries are observed: #803
  • Do not capture page load transaction marks when the NavigationTiming data from the browsers are not trustable: #818

5.2.0 (2020-05-28)edit

  • Agent now supports compressing events payload sent to the APM server via new configuration apiVersion. It yeilds a huge reduction of around ~45% in the payload size for average sized web pages: #768
  • Capture First Input Delay(FID) as Span for page-load transaction: #732
  • Capture Total Blocking Time(TBT) as Span for page-load transaction: #781
Bug fixesedit
  • Allow setting labels before agent is initialized: #780
  • Use single instance of apm across all packages: #791
  • User defined types for managed transactions are considered of high precedence: #758
  • Add span subtype information in payload without camelcasing: #753
  • Treat truncated spans percentage as regular span in breakdown calculation: #776
Performance Improvementsedit
  • Refactor ServiceFactory class to use constant service names: #238

5.1.1 (2020-04-15)edit

  • Performance Observer is used to measure FirstContentfulPaint Metric: #731
Bug fixesedit
  • Avoid full component re-rerender when query params are updated on current ApmRoute inside child components: #748

5.1.0 (2020-04-08)edit

  • Route change transactions now includes the browsers next paint frame: #404
  • Support differential loading with Angular CLI: #607
Performance Improvementsedit
  • Reduced the bundle size by modifying the random number generator algorithm: #705
Bug fixesedit
  • Handle when errors are thrown in unsupported browsers: #707
  • Captured API calls are duplicated as spans in IE: #723

5.0.0 (2020-03-18)edit

Breaking changesedit
  • The agent now uses the official W3C traceparent header to propagate trace context: #477
  • The agent name is changed from js-base to rum-js: #379
  • Global labels are only added to metadata to improve payload size: #618
  • Labels now accept Boolean and Number types: #272
  • Simplify configuration by removing and/or merging config options: #628
  • addTags method is removed in favour of addLabels: #215

Please see our Upgrade to version 5.x guide for more information.

  • Monitor longtasks by default during active transaction: #601
  • Set sync field only for synchronous spans: #619