Supported Technologiesedit

The Elastic APM RUM JavaScript agent gives you detailed performance metrics of your web page by automatically instrumenting the following:

  • Page load metrics
  • Load time of Static Assets
  • API requests (XMLHttpRequest and Fetch)

The agent uses the Navigation Timing API and Resource Timing API available in the browsers to instrument the page load performance and static assets load times.

The agent automatically captures all the outgoing http requests, by instrumenting both XHR and Fetch API requests from the web page to the backend servers.

The agent also adds support for Distributed Tracing for all outgoing requests.


The following platforms are supported:

Elastic APM RUM Agent compatibility


The agent supports integrations with certain frameworks. See Framework specific integrations for more information.

If you are interested in instrumenting custom metrics like rendering time or mounting time of components on frameworks like React, Angular, vue etc., please use the Custom Transactions API.

Single Page Applicationsedit

In the context of Single Page Applications, all the history pushstate events will be captured as transactions.

However, most of these transactions can be enhanced by using framework specific integrations. For all unsupported frameworks/libraries, you can instrument the application by creating Custom Transactions and also add custom spans using Span API.