Set up the Agentedit

There are three different ways to set up the Elastic APM Java Agent:

  1. Manual setup with -javaagent flag
    Manually set up and configure the agent with the -javaagent JVM option. No application code change required, requires application restart.
  2. Automatic setup with apm-agent-attach-cli.jar
    Automatically set up the agent without needing to alter the configuration of your JVM or application server. No application code nor JVM options changes required, allows attaching to a running JVM.
  3. Programmatic API setup to self-attach
    Set up the agent with a one-line code change and an extra apm-agent-attach dependency. No modification of JVM options, the agent artifact is embedded within the packaged application binary.


Once you’ve set up the Agent, see the configuration guide on how to configure Elastic APM.

SSL/TLS communication with APM Serveredit

If SSL/TLS communication is enabled on the APM Server, make sure to check out the SSL setup guide.

Monitoring AWS Lambda Functions (Experimental)edit

Learn how to set up AWS Lambda functions tracing in our Lambda setup guide.

Supported technologiesedit

Please check supported technologies for details on if the Elastic APM agent supports auto-instrumentation of the technologies your application is using.