Upgrades between minor versions of the agent, like from 1.1 to 1.2 are always backwards compatible. Upgrades that involve a major version bump often come with some backwards incompatible changes.

Before upgrading the agent, be sure to review the:

Recommended upgrade stepsedit

  1. Shut down the application.
  2. Download the latest release of the agent jar file from maven central.
  3. Optionally change JVM settings, e.g., if the path to the agent jar has changed due to a different file name.
  4. Restart the application.

End of life datesedit

We love all our products, but sometimes we must say goodbye to a release so that we can continue moving forward on future development and innovation. Our End of life policy defines how long a given release is considered supported, as well as how long a release is considered still in active development or maintenance.