Configuration on ASP.NETedit

When monitoring ASP.NET applications the agent uses two source of configuration: Web.config and environment variables. Web.config has precedence over environment variables which means that the agent first tries to find a configuration option value by its key in Web.config. Only if it’s not present then the agent tries to look for it among environment variables and if it’s not present there as well the agent falls back on the option’s default value.

You can find the key of each configuration option in the IConfiguration or Web.config key column of the corresponding option’s description.

Sample configuration fileedit

Below is a sample Web.config configuration file for a ASP.NET application.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- ... -->
    <!-- ... -->
        <!-- ... -->
        <add key="ElasticApm:ServerUrls" value="https://my-apm-server:8200" />
        <add key="ElasticApm:SecretToken" value="apm-server-secret-token" />
        <!-- ... -->
    <!-- ... -->