Stacktrace configuration optionsedit

StackTraceLimit (performance)edit

Setting it to 0 will disable stack trace collection. Any positive integer value will be used as the maximum number of frames to collect. Setting it to -1 means that all frames will be collected.

Default Type



Environment variable name IConfiguration or Web.config key



SpanFramesMinDuration (performance)edit

In its default settings, the APM agent collects a stack trace for every recorded span with duration longer than 5ms. While this is very helpful to find the exact place in your code that causes the span, collecting this stack trace does have some overhead. When setting this option to a negative value, like -1ms, stack traces will be collected for all spans. Setting it to a positive value, e.g. 5ms, will limit stack trace collection to spans with durations equal to or longer than the given value, e.g. 5 milliseconds.

To disable stack trace collection for spans completely, set the value to 0ms.

Supports the duration suffixes ms, s and m. Example: 5ms. The default unit for this option is ms

Default Type



Environment variable name IConfiguration or Web.config key