June 22, 2017

See what transpired at this event. And if you like what you see, there's more where that came from. Attend an upcoming event near you.

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Elasticsearch Deep Dive

Dive in with Clinton to learn how to use the latest features in Elasticsearch.


How CDL Combats Fraud and Provides Customer Insights with the Elastic Stack

Learn how CDL, a software provider for the retail insurance sector, processes vast amounts of consumer data in milliseconds to help insurance providers combat fraud, learn consumer habits, and more.

Kibana Deep Dive Session

Get a tour of the latest visualizations in Kibana from one of our talented UI developers.


Machine Learning Deep Dive Session

Complex, fast-moving datasets make it nearly impossible to spot infrastructure problems, intruders, or business issues as they happen. See how machine learning can uncover insights from your data, all by itself.


Managing Elasticsearch Clusters with ECE Deep Dive Session

Learn how to easily deploy and manage secure Elasticsearch clusters at scale and on the infrastructure of your choice using Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE).


Elasticsearch SQL Deep Dive Session

Get an in-depth walkthrough of how to use Elasticsearch SQL, a SQL-based query DSL that will help you open the door to new data and new Elasticsearch users in your organization.