Use tags to categorize your saved objects, then filter for related objects based on shared tags.

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To get started, go to Project settingsManagementTags:

Create a tag

Create a tag to assign to your saved objects.

  1. Click Create tag.

  2. Enter a name and select a color for the new tag.

    The name cannot be longer than 50 characters.

  3. Click Create tag.

Assign a tag to an object

  1. Find the tag you want to assign.

  2. Click the actions icon and then select Manage assignments.

  3. Select the objects to which you want to assign or remove tags.

  4. Click Save tag assignments.

Delete a tag

When you delete a tag, you remove it from all saved objects that use it.

  1. Click the actions icon, and then select Delete.

  2. Click Delete tag.

To assign, delete, or clear multiple tags, select them in the Tags view, and then select the action from the selected tags menu.

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