Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about the CNVM integration.

Frequently asked questions about the Cloud Native Vulnerability Management (CNVM) integration and features.

Which security data sources does the CNVM integration use to identify vulnerabilities?

The CNVM integration uses various security data sources. The complete list can be found here.

What's the underlying scanner used by CNVM integration?

CNVM uses the open source scanner Trivy v0.35.

How often are the security data sources synchronized?

The CNVM integration fetches the latest data sources at the beginning of every scan cycle to ensure up-to-date vulnerability information.

What happens if a scan cycle does not complete within 24 hours?

If a scan cycle doesn't finish within 24 hours, the ongoing cycle will continue until completion. When it finishes, a new cycle will immediately start.

How is the lifecycle of snapshots handled?

The CNVM integration manages the lifecycle of snapshots. Snapshots are automatically deleted/removed at the end of each scan cycle.

Does CNVM have an impact on the user's cloud expenses?

Yes, CNVM creates additional cloud expenses, since scanning involves provisioning a new virtual machine to conduct the scan.

Does CNVM also scan the new AWS EC2 instances that it creates?

Yes, CNVM scans all AWS EC2 instances in every scan cycle, including any created by the integration.

Does CNVM scan AWS EC2 instances with encrypted volumes?

Encrypted volumes can be scanned only if they were encrypted using Amazon's default EBS key, and are not running Amazon Linux 2023.

Does CNVM prevent multiple installations in a single region?

No, CNVM does not currently prevent redundant deployment to the same region.

What volume types and file systems does CNVM support?

CNVM supports all AWS EBS volume types and works with ext4 and xfs file systems.

Does CNVM scan stopped EC2 instances?

Yes, CNVM scans all EC2 instances, whether they are running or stopped, to ensure comprehensive vulnerability detection.

What AWS permissions does the user require to run the CloudFormation template for CNVM onboarding?

To run the CloudFormation template for CNVM onboarding, you need an AWS user account with permissions to perform the following actions: run CloudFormation templates, create IAM Roles and InstanceProfiles, and create EC2 SecurityGroups and Instances.

Why do I get an error when I try to run the CloudFormation template?

It's possible you're using an unsupported region. Currently the eu-north-1 and af-south-1 regions are not supported because they don't provide the required instance types.

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