Required role

The Editor role or higher is required to modify settings. To learn more, refer to Assign user roles and privileges.

You can adjust Application settings to fine-tune your experience in the Applications UI.

General settings

To change APM settings, select Settings from any Applications page. The following settings are available.

Enables the Agent explorer view.
Set the price per Gb-second for your AWS Lambda functions.
Set the AWS Lambda cost per million requests.
When continuous rollups are enabled, the UI will select metrics with the appropriate resolution. On larger time ranges, lower resolution metrics will be used, which will improve loading times.
Enables the usage of service transaction metrics, which are low cardinality metrics that can be used by certain views like the service inventory for faster loading times.
Enable or disable the APM Labs button — a quick way to enable and disable technical preview features in APM.
Limit the number of services in a given service group.
Set the default environment for APM. When left empty, data from all environments will be displayed by default.
Enable the Universal Profiling integration in APM.
Enable the comparison feature by default.
When enabled, allows you to inspect Elasticsearch queries in API responses.

APM Labs

APM Labs allows you to easily try out new features that are technical preview.

To enable APM labs, go to ApplicationsSettingsGeneral settings and toggle Enable labs button in APM. Select Save changes and refresh the page.

After enabling APM Labs select Labs in the toolbar to see the technical preview features available to try out.

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