OpenTelemetry traces

  • Traces of applications using messaging semantics might be wrongly displayed as transactions in the Applications UI, while they should be considered spans (see issue #7001).
  • Inability to see Stack traces in spans.
  • Inability in APM views to view the "Time Spent by Span Type" (see issue #5747).

OpenTelemetry metrics

  • Inability to see host metrics in the Applications UI when using the OpenTelemetry Collector host metrics receiver (see issue #5310).


    Even though metrics do not show up in the Applications view, the metrics are available in your Observability project and can be visualized using Dashboards. See Collect metrics for more information about visualizing OpenTelemetry metrics.

OpenTelemetry logs

  • The OpenTelemetry logs intake via Elastic is in technical preview.
  • The application logs data stream (app_logs) has dynamic mapping disabled. This means the automatic detection and mapping of new fields is disabled (see issue #9093).

OpenTelemetry Line Protocol (OTLP)

Elastic supports both the (OTLP/gRPC) and (OTLP/HTTP) protocol with ProtoBuf payload. Elastic does not yet support JSON Encoding for OTLP/HTTP.

OpenTelemetry Collector exporter for Elastic

The OpenTelemetry Collector exporter for Elastic has been deprecated and replaced by the native support of the OpenTelemetry Line Protocol in Elastic Observability (OTLP). To learn more, see migration.

The OpenTelemetry Collector exporter for Elastic (which is different from the legacy exporter mentioned above) is not intended to be used with Elastic APM and Elastic Observability. Use Elastic's native OTLP support instead.

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