Detect Suspicious Process Activity (Host)

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Unusual process names for a host may indicate attack activity.

This use case identifies unusual process names for a host.

This use case recipe is provided as a basic example of how automated anomaly detection can be used to detect suspicious host process activity. Other recipes, based upon alternative or more complex approaches, may produce more effective detection results.

Use Case Type
Elementary Attack Behavior (EAB) - This use case detects anomalies associated with elementary attack behaviors. Each detected anomaly is assigned a normalized Anomaly Score, and is annotated with values of other fields in the data that have statistical influence on the anomaly. Elementary attack behaviors that share common statistical Influencers are often related to a common attack progression.

Use Case Data Source
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) sources such as: Symantec SEP12 logs, RSA ECAT, Carbon Black/Bit9 Logs, or similar data, such as auditd logs containing host names and names of processes started on an endpoint.

Use Case Recipe

  • For: All relevant endpoint data [filtered as appropriate, to control the number of people in the host population, including only high-value target (HVT) hosts]
  • Model: Processes started by a host
  • Detect: Rare process names
  • Compared to: Baseline model/history for each host
  • Partition by: None
  • Exclude: None
  • Duration: Run analysis over multiple days of data. Two weeks or more will yield best results.
  • Related recipes: Run this EAB use case by itself, or include in additional security searches
  • Results: Look for endpoint host names with rare process_names

Input Features and Candidate Influencers

Required field (or similar)Description Example
host_id, Endpoint host name WIN2008R3-ADMIN
process_name, audit.log.a0 Endpoint process name svchost.exe

Example Elasticsearch Index Patterns

  • filebeat-*
  • auditd-*
  • cef-*

Example Elasticsearch Query

  • query: { "term": {"auditd.log.record_type":{"value":"EXECVE"}}}
  • query_delay: 60s
  • frequency: 150s
  • scroll_size: 1000

Machine Learning Analysis / Detector Config

  • Detector(s): rare by process_name
  • Bucketspan: 600s
  • Influencer(s): process_name,

Recipe ID: EDR-EAB09

Revision: v0.5

Last updated: 5/17/2017