New Geo Capabilities with 5.0

The Elastic Stack 5.0 is released and part of the release was improved geo capabilities.  This webinar will cover everything you wanted to know about geo and Elasticsearch. Get advice on field mapping strategies, learn about geo aggregations and visualizations for exploratory spatial data analysis, as well as get insights into new spatial data structures being added to Lucene and Elasticsearch.

Agenda Includes:

  • Elastic Stack 5.1 Overview
  • Geo field types
  • Geo indexing
  • Geo search
  • Geo aggregations
  • Live Q&A

If you can’t join us live, register anyway and we’ll ship you the recording and slides.

Nick Knize

Nick Knize has a Ph.D. in GIS (aka Tetris) and left the world of Defense contracting in November 2014 to join Elastic. He is a core Elasticsearch developer focused on improving all things Geo. Based in Rockwall, Texas, Nick enjoys wakeboarding and playing ice hockey on all the ice Texas has to offer.

Tyler Hannan

Tyler Hannan is Director of Product & Technical Marketing for Elastic. With a career that has spanned the private and public sector, large enterprises, consulting, and startups of varying success, he has maintained a focus on distributed systems, data persistence, and analysis. He finds talking about himself in the third person incredibly uncomfortable.