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Secure your Elastic Cloud deployments with AWS PrivateLink and IP filtering

Hosted by

Pieter Humphrey
Pieter Humphrey

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Shubha Anjur Tupil
Shubha Anjur Tupil

Senior Product Manager



We recently introduced IP filtering and PrivateLink integration, two traffic management features of Elastic Cloud that give you greater control over the network security layer of your Elastic deployments. Learn how to specify network access to your Elastic Cloud deployment based on singular IP addresses, as well as IP address blocks or ranges. You’ll also see how AWS PrivateLink integration provides private connectivity between your virtual private clouds (VPCs), AWS resources, and on-premises applications.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn about new network security improvements in Elastic Cloud
  • Learn why AWS PrivateLink is a better alternative to NAT or internet gateways
  • Learn how to allow/deny based on IP or range of IPs, on any cloud provider
  • See a live demo of these features in action

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