Elastic Stack Security Analytics

The Elastic Stack offers unique value in identifying security threats and reducing incident response times. During this on the Elastic Stack in Security Analytics, session learn how to:

  • Eliminate potential blind spots by converging all data without limitations on size, source format, or artificial ingestion rate caps.
  • Identify threats more quickly by interrogating data at the speed of thought and quickly pivoting through data to answer critical questions immediately.
  • Reduce dwell time by alerting on potential threats earlier in the kill chain using relationship analysis and automated detection via machine learning.

This session led by our security experts is a combination of demonstration, presentation, and group discussion. Highlights Include:

  • Identify and Prepare: Mapping Your Assets
  • Detect: Alerting and Event Correlation, Identifying Anomalies, and Threat Hunting
  • Respond and Recover: Integrating with Case Management Systems
  • Deploying and Scaling the Elastic Stack

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Mike Paquette

Mike joined Elastic in 2016 from Prelert, where he'd been VP of Products for Prelert's machine learning technology. Mike's focus at Elastic is to help users and customers succeed with security-related applications of the Elastic Stack. Starting his career as an ASIC designer, Mike has led the development of SIEM, network IPS, DDoS Defense, and network monitoring solutions. Mike is a co-author of a patent on DDoS protection.

Kevin Keeney

Kevin exudes passion about the field of cyber security, technology, people, and where they all meet. He has enjoyed a career with the military, corporate, and start-ups, both in operations and presales engineering roles. More important than any of that, he is a husband and father of five amazing children.