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  • Cerner

    Powering the Search for Mean Time to Knowledge (MTTK)
  • Grab

    Powering the search for unique journeys with Elastic Cloud Enterprise
  • SAP Concur

    Powering centralized logging as a service in cloud environments
  • Fermilab

    Connecting atomic researchers to hundreds of computing resources
  • Transit Wireless

    Powering internet connectivity for the NYC and Toronto subway systems
  • Paylocity

    Scaling seamlessly to handle over 800 million logs a day to provide operational insight
  • Lyft

    Moving from Amazon ES to self-managed Elasticsearch for better performance
  • Blizzard

    Watching Overwatch to ensure peak game-play performance and optimal user experience
  • Citi

    Monitoring application infrastructure across a major financial institution
  • OTTO Motors

    Using real-time metrics to track, analyze, and troubleshoot remote robots
  • Cox Communications

    Ensuring viewer satisfaction by scaling to analyze over 2.5 billion CDN logs per day
  • Fitbit

    Analyzing over 400K logs per second to ensure consistent system performance
  • GDIT

    Designing a system to seamlessly ingest and analyze 2.5 million events per second
  • GoDaddy

    Performing real-time anomaly detection to improve customer experience
  • JPL

    Engineering space flight systems software
  • Kyruus

    Enabling a consistent user experience across multiple foreign languages

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