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  • John Deere

    Using ECE to power metrics analytics across farm machines and precision agriculture applications
  • CSG

    Adopting Elastic Cloud Enterprise to power multiple search and observability analytics use cases
  • CenturyLink

    Creating scalable logging and metrics solution for a nationwide network management system.
  • Fermilab

    Connecting atomic researchers to hundreds of computing resources
  • eBay

    Monitoring anything and everything with Beats
  • OTTO Motors

    Using real-time metrics to track, analyze, and troubleshoot remote robots
  • GoDaddy

    Performing real-time anomaly detection to improve customer experience
  • JPL

    Engineering space flight systems software
  • Microsoft

    Using the Logstash Azure module to streamline Azure monitoring
  • Car2Go

    Driving real-time business insights from connected cars
  • Sprint

    Analyzing 200 dashboards to search for better retail operations insight
  • Blizzard

    Generating actionable value from game play data and server events

    Powering the Search for Interplanetary Discovery
  • Walmart

    Gaining insights into customer purchasing patterns & store performance metrics
  • Terradue

    Getting insights into satellite data to analyze earthquake-related ground movement
  • Nvidia

    Enhancing user experience by processing over a billion of events every day

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