Cloud Security Solution

Elastic Security for Cloud

Protect your cloud deployments with rich visibility into your cloud posture. Gain runtime protection for cloud workloads with prevention, detection, and response capabilities — all in one integrated solution.

Cloud posture monitoring UI and session view for cloud workload protection with Elastic Security

Secure your cloud-first enterprise

Secure your cloud attack surface — defend against configuration risks and runtime attacks.

  • Assess cloud risk & posture

    1 in 2 organizations adopting cloud-native technologies expect misconfigurations to cause a growing share of breaches. Assess the posture of your multi-cloud assets against industry benchmarks like CIS Controls and minimize your cloud attack surface.

  • Get ahead of runtime threats

    Secure your cloud-native and hybrid systems against runtime attacks. Enhance workload visibility, detect malicious events with prebuilt rules and machine learning models, investigate with rich context, and explore forensic data with sub-second search.

  • Unify your security stack

    Unify your security efforts with insights from your entire environment — from infrastructure to endpoint to cloud. Prevent, detect, and respond to protect your organization holistically. Maximize the value of your current investments and minimize vendor sprawl.

Protect your cloud from deployment risks and runtime attacks

Elastic Security packages cloud visibility, benchmark assessment, protections, and response with a host of integrations. The result? An end-to-end cloud security solution.

Enforce cloud security benchmarks

Gain visibility into your cloud security posture for industry benchmarks like CIS Controls, supported by turnkey executive dashboards, findings, and remediation guidance.

Maintain a security profile in line with industry best-practices and eliminate known insecure configurations to shrink your attack surface and advance your security posture.


Secure cloud workloads

Stop threats targeting cloud workloads and cloud-native applications. Gain real-time visibility and control with a lightweight user-space agent, powered by eBPF.

Automate the identification of cloud threats with detection rules and machine learning (ML). Achieve rapid time-to-value with MITRE ATT&CK-aligned detections honed by Elastic Security Labs. Customize prebuilt content to protect your organization.


Enhance the analyst experience

View an advancing attack from a single pane of glass by correlating disparate data sources. Inspect with osquery and seamlessly surface relevant context. Investigate with a familiar, terminal-like view.


Accelerate response

Maximize team efficiency and effectiveness with built-in security orchestration. Connect workflows across teams by integrating with IT and security orchestration platforms.

Boost practitioner efficiency by automating mundane processes. Remediate advancing threats by taking swift action.

Analysis of cloud workload alert in screenshot showing session view in Elastic cloud security solution

Protect while you observe

Cloud security and observability are business-critical. Gain visibility into cloud availability, application performance, metrics, and traces while you protect workloads and monitor for compliance. 

Collect and store data once; apply it in multiple ways. Integrating security and observability in a single platform simplifies deployment, training, and operations. Streamline workflows to optimize CloudOps and raise ROI.

Cloud service map view, as shown in Elastic

Go beyond cloud security

Unify your organization’s approach to cloud security with Elastic.

  • SIEM

    Detect and respond to threats at cloud speed and scale.

  • SOAR

    Streamline SOC workflows with orchestration and automation.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Make threat intelligence actionable.

  • Endpoint Security

    Prevent, collect, detect, and respond — all with one agent.

  • XDR

    Power SecOps across your hosts, cloud, network, and beyond.

  • Elastic Security Labs

    Apply novel research we've conducted on threats, malware, and protections.