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Security Operations

The Elastic Container Project for Security Research

The Elastic Container Project provides a single shell script that will allow you to stand up and manage an entire Elastic Stack using Docker. This open source project enables rapid deployment for testing use cases.

Detect Credential Access with Elastic Security

Elastic Endpoint Security provides events that enable defenders with visibility on techniques and procedures which are commonly leveraged to access sensitive files and registry objects.

Exploring Windows UAC Bypasses: Techniques and Detection Strategies

In this research article, we will take a look at a collection of UAC bypasses, investigate some of the key primitives they depend on, and explore detection opportunities.


Ingesting threat data with the Threat Intel Filebeat module

Tutorial that walks through setting up Filebeat to push threat intelligence feeds into your Elastic Stack.


Hunting for Lateral Movement using Event Query Language

Elastic Event Query Language (EQL) correlation capabilities enable practitioners to capture complex behavior for adversary Lateral Movement techniques. Learn how to detect a variety of such techniques in this blog post.