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Cyber security: Intelligence, innovation, information warfare

Hosted by:

Nate Fick
Nate Fick

GM Security Solutions


This webinar is part of the 'Secrets of Elastic public sector users' webinar miniseries, check out the rest of the series:


Companies and governments are increasingly dependent upon innovations in digital technologies to achieve their missions. But as the digital world becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, cybercriminals and nation-state adversaries are taking advantage of the same technological advances and innovating at a rapid pace. If security depends on staying a step ahead, then how should we think about this new world, and how can we succeed in it? 

To close this webinar series, Elastic General Manager Nate Fick shares a high-level view of the cybersecurity universe today and the core philosophies that drive how Elastic builds security solutions to help you meet today’s challenges.

Why attend:

  • Get best practices from real-world Elastic users in the public sector
  • Learn how you can harness the power of open source 
  • Get connected with resources to help you kickstart new projects

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