US Geological Survey: Tectonic Shifts, Tweets, & Tactical Data Analysis

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) operates a real-time system that detects earthquakes using only tweets. The main benefit of the tweet-based detections is speed, with most detections occurring between 20 and 120 seconds after the origin time. This timeframe is significantly faster than seismically-derived detections in poorly instrumented regions of the world. This talk will present a technical overview of the Elasticsearch and Kibana-based system and describe the potential for rapid characterization of earthquake damage via the added real-time search and visualization tools combined with analysis of the 32 million 'earthquake' tweets the system has so far amassed.

Michelle Guy

Michelle is an architect and development lead for highly specialized, scientific, real-time software systems that produce natural hazards data products for worldwide consumption by emergency responders, government agencies, scientific communities, and the general public.