Helper Node: Volunteer time off. Thinking globally, acting locally.

Elastic cares. A lot. Each year our Elasticians receive 40 hours of volunteer time off (VTO) to support the causes they love. Our goal is to recognize that participating in volunteer activities helps inspire and enrich our lives in unexpected ways.

While some Elasticians use their VTO all at once, traveling far and wide to help those in need — spending time in El Salvador with Habitat for Humanity, or rescuing sea turtles in Costa Rica with Reserva Playa Tortuga — other Elasticians choose to work a little bit of time, over a longer period of time. For many, this may be due to time restraints, or for some, a desire to impact the community they live in day-to-day — regardless, these Elasticians spread their VTO hours out to help local organizations throughout the year, and we applaud their efforts.

Learn how some of our Elasticians use their VTO to work towards a better future with local non-profits:

Want to do your part for these wonderful organizations? Support River Valley Riders, Codebar, and donate in honor of Association 52, Service Unit 07 (or 52-7), Troop 52026 at