Search-powered solutions that live where your data lives

Elasticsearch and the Elastic Search Platform help you accelerate results that matter — on your cloud provider of choice (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud), across multiple cloud providers, on-prem, or anywhere in between.

Organizations of all sizes and industries trust Elastic

Elastic Enterprise Search

Advanced search, wherever you need it

From customers searching for new products on your website to employees hunting for what they need to do their jobs, users expect fast and relevant results. Elastic offers seamless scalability with a dedicated web crawler, tunable relevance controls, and robust analytics — enabling you to optimize the search experience for your cloud-native applications and services.


Elastic Observability

Monitor cloud workloads with confidence

In an increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystem, it can be challenging to get the cross-platform visibility and analytics you need to proactively detect and resolve issues. Rely on search-powered observability to build and deploy software with scalability, reliability, and performance.


Elastic Security

Limitless data, limitless visibility

With increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats and an ever-growing attack surface area, security teams need to be able to search across truly astronomical data volumes. By unifying capabilities of SIEM, endpoint protection, and cloud security into a single platform, Elastic Security empowers analysts to quickly search across years of data, automate key processes, and bring native endpoint security to every host.