Lightweight Data Shippers

Beats is the platform for single-purpose data shippers. They send data from hundreds or thousands of machines and systems to Logstash or Elasticsearch.

Use Beats & Elastic monitoring features to keep an eye on your infrastructure. Watch Video

New Introducing a NetFlow input for Filebeat. Plus, a new system module and preconfigured machine learning jobs for Auditbeat. Learn More

The Beats Family

All kinds of shippers for all kinds of data.


Ship from the Source.
Plain and Simple.

Beats are great for gathering data. They sit on your servers, with your containers, or deploy as functions — and then centralize data in Elasticsearch. And if you want more processing muscle, Beats can also ship to Logstash for transformation and parsing.


Accelerate the Data-to-Visualize Experience with Modules

Filebeat and Metricbeat include internal modules that simplify collecting, parsing, and visualizing common log formats such as NGINX and Apache and system metrics such as Redis and Docker. Run a single command and explore away.


Track Data Lineage

Beats gather the logs and metrics from your unique environments and document them with essential metadata from hosts, container platforms like Docker and Kubernetes, and cloud providers before shipping them to the Elastic Stack. From container monitoring to shipping data from serverless architectures, we make sure you have the context you need.


Missing a Beat? Don’t.
Build Your Own & Share It.

The cornerstone of every open source Beat is libbeat, the common library for forwarding data. Have a specialized protocol you need to monitor? Build it. We provide you the building blocks you need. And our list of community Beats keeps growing.


Beats Also Ship to Elastic Cloud

Running hosted Elasticsearch? These lightweight shippers are also a great way to send data to Elastic Cloud.