Replicate Elasticsearch Data with Cross-Cluster Replication (CCR)

Launched in Elasticsearch version 6.5, cross-cluster replication (CCR) allows you to replicate an index from one Elasticsearch cluster to another. CCR is perfect for a number of use cases including cross data center replication, data locality (multiple copies of data closer to users), and creating a dedicated, centralized analytics cluster populated by multiple source clusters.

Highlights include:

  • CCR overview and use cases
  • Replicating Elasticsearch data without CCR
  • Cross data center replication with CCR
  • Getting started with CCR for logging use cases

Additional Resources:

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Jason Zucchetto

Jason Zucchetto is a member of the Product Management team and focuses on Elasticsearch. Prior to joining Elastic, Jason was an early employee at a popular open source database company. Jason has held several positions, ranging from Java architect, team lead, and company co-founder. Jason is passionate about distributed systems, financial technologies, and developer experiences.