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Whether you're a small startup launching a new idea or a large company looking to stay agile, leveraging the right tool for the job is critical for success — and even better is finding one that solves multiple challenges at once.

Elastic is the popular, versatile platform that can provide a scalable search solution for your website or mobile app while also analyzing your application logs. It's a single, elegant solution for servicing many needs across your entire organization.

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"Elasticsearch and Kibana allow for real-time indexing, search and analytics of over 300 million events/day protecting Mozilla’s network, services and systems from security threats."

Jeff Bryner, Security Engineer | Mozilla

"With Elasticsearch we don't have to worry so much about a server going down and the re-balance of the load. Elasticsearch takes care of that."

Stefan Will, Lead Search Engineer | Zendesk

"Using Elasticsearch queries, we can quickly see every action the user has done — this is a great way to see whether an account has been stolen, hijacked, or whether the user has done something naughty."

Tim Pease | GitHub

"If you're on just a single repository page, and you do a search there, that search actually hits just one shard. Those queries are about twice as fast as searches from the main GitHub search page."

Tim Pease | GitHub

"With Shield's out-of-the-box encryption, we are able to ensure communication across our multiple data centers is protected from interception or corruption, helping us meet critical corporate infrastructure security goals."

Peter Vulgaris, Software Engineer | Facebook

"We asked ourselves — how should we do search in today's world? How can we use search to make Kiln a better product? That's when we chose Elasticsearch."

Kevin Gessner, Kiln Team Lead | Fog Creek Software