Elastic Branding

The Dos, Don'ts, and Downloads

Welcome to our mini guide for using Elastic logos. Before you dive into goodness below, here are a few guidelines to help you share the Elastic <3 successfully.

(And, if you fancy, we have legal details on trademarks.)
Please Do...
  • Use the logos to link to the Elastic website
  • Use the product logos to represent your integration with our open source stack
  • Use the logos in a blog post or news item about our products
  • Share pictures with the logo(s) while skateboarding, exploring new lands, etc.
Kindly Don't…
  • Use the wordmarks without the logo marks or vice versa
  • Create any modified versions of the logos
  • Integrate our logos into your own logo
  • Change the colors, dimensions, or add your own text or images
  • Use them in a way that confuses Elastic with another brand

Elastic Logos

Elastic Product Logos

Still have questions?

Not to worry. We love a good query. Contact us at brand‑requests@elastic.co.