Articles by João Duarte

Logstash 7.0.0 is now out with a new pipeline execution engine written in Java, faster and more memory efficient, along with many plugin improvements.

With the Logstash Lines series, we're keeping you up to date with all that's new in Logstash, from the details of pull requests to learning resources.

We're excited to share the newest Logstash released with you. Meet version 6.4.0.

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Version 3.1.0 of the Logstash ruby filter allows you to place your inlined ruby code into reusable files and also brings much needed testing capabilities.

There are over 200 grok patterns available, so how do you know what way will work best for you? Let us help you grok Grok.

Find in this bug hunt post-mortem how VMMap saved the day by uncovering missing memory allocations in Logstash on Windows