Elastic on Cisco Unified Computing System

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Elasticsearch on Cisco UCS® Combines Hardware and Software to Deliver Real-Time Actionable Insights from Your Data

One challenge that organizations face is how quickly they can glean actionable insight from their large volumes of data. Having a scalable and performant compute, storage, and networking infrastructure to support big data projects is only part of the equation — for organizations to get value out of their data they need to be able to quickly search and analyze it. Elasticsearch bridges that gap with a real-time search and analytics engine. Deployed as part of a comprehensive data center architecture, the Elasticsearch on Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) solution delivers real-time business insights over a powerful and flexible infrastructure.

Elasticsearch on Cisco UCS: Highlights of the Joint Solution
Real-Time Results

Elasticsearch on Cisco UCS enables a deeper and richer understanding of data converged from multiple sources within the enterprise in real time.

Integrates with Cisco UCS CPA for Big Data

Elasticsearch on Cisco UCS can co-exist with other Cisco UCS CPA for Big Data solutions in the same system, sharing high-bandwidth connectivity to speed the use of analytic results.

Ease of Deployment

Cisco UCS Manager automates deployment and scaling, reducing the risk of configuration errors that can cause downtime.

Architectural Scalability

The solution is designed to grow to maximum scale without adding complex layers of switching infrastructure.

Choice of Configurations

Whether you want to optimize for high IOPs and low capacity or low outputs and high capacity, the Cisco UCS Elasticsearch bundle has you covered.

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Search & Analytics Powered by Cisco Intercloud Fabric™, Cisco UCS, and Elasticsearch
Extend Your Data Center and Cloud

Build a hybrid cloud from your IT resources and public and provider-hosted clouds with Cisco Intercloud Fabric™ for Business.

Support Business Initiatives

Create a modern technology foundation for your cloud, big data, and desktop virtualization initiatives with Cisco UCS® integrated infrastructure solutions.

Accelerate Query Response Time

Get a deep and comprehensive understanding of data convergence from multiple sources with Elasticsearch running on Cisco Unified Computing System™.

Keep Data Available

Store frequently accessed (hot) data on your premises and extend it to a public cloud without compromising security, while preserving easy access to infrequently accessed (cold) data on cost-effective cloud infrastructure.

Expand Your Search Capability

Run distributed search queries on multiple data sets regardless of location.

Simplify Cloud Infrastructure Management

Use a single-pane interface to manage your cloud infrastructure, including virtual machines, routers, and firewalls.

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