Thought leadership webinar

Securing the Future of Finance: Innovation, Vulnerability, and the Modern Approach

Hosted by:

Mandy Andress
Mandy Andress



Maria Adele Di Comite
Maria Adele Di Comite

Research Director, Financial Insights


Brandon Mavleos
Brandon Mavleos

Director, Product Marketing



The financial world is evolving at lightning speed. AI, cloud services, instant payments - the future is now. But with rapid innovation comes new challenges.

As we embrace cutting-edge tech, we're also opening doors for cybercriminals. The more complex our systems, the more opportunities they have to exploit.

For FSIs, small incidents can result in significant losses, customer exposure, and hefty fines. Security teams, using numerous tools, often face visibility gaps and delayed responses. In an industry where every second counts, can you afford to be unprepared?

In this virtual showcase, Elastic's CISO and IDC's FSI Research Director will discuss emerging trends and how financial security teams can adapt to protect their organizations and clients.

Key discussions:

  • Expert insights on recent FSI cybersecurity trends and challenges
  • Tips to navigate upcoming regulations (e.g. DORA) which will impact the security domain
  • Opportunities to improve your organization's security posture
  • Q&A with security and industry experts

Stay ahead: Understand the shifting terrain before it shifts you.

Learn from the best: Engage with industry leaders and peers.

Take action: Leave with actionable insights to bolster your organization's security.

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