Keep Pace with Your Data

The financial world is always online. As one market closes, another one is opening up. Continuous operations means continuous data flow — a blessing and a burden at the same time.

With streams of structured and unstructured data ranging from financial transactions to customer claims, Elastic helps you tap into data sources with remarkable speed to help you mitigate risk, anticipate opportunities, detect fraud, and deliver optimum value.

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Featured Use Cases

With the explosive adoption of Elastic products, the list of use cases is growing rapidly. Get insight into how various organizations are using our products to do great things with data. If you have a good story to share (or can't find the one you're looking for), get in touch via

Who is Using Us

"Elasticsearch is literally saving hundreds of thousands of hours of our people time (in the legal department) from having to manually scan through those documents."

Don Duet, Co-Head of Technology | Goldman Sachs (Elastic{ON}15)

"By leveraging Elasticsearch, unstructured and semistructured data can be used to significantly improve the performance of FICO’s analytics models and drive better business decisions."

Osvaldo Driollet, Principal Scientist | FICO

"We benefit so much by actively being part of the Elastic community to improve our business."

Don Duet, Co-Head of Technology | Goldman Sachs (Elastic{ON}15)