So Many Charts, So Little Time

With the release of Kibana 4, we have implemented a completely new interface for visualizing and exploring data that we believe is a marked improvement over previous versions. We've added tons of cool new features and even rolled out our own visualization library built using D3.js.

In this talk, we will cover the different visualization types available in Kibana 4 as well as the data they are best suited for displaying. We will cover real world examples/problems that Kibana helps solve. We will explore how to create and share dashboards for others to consume. Finally, we will discuss why we created our own visualization library for Kibana, as well as preview additional visualization types we have in store for the future.

Shelby Sturgis

Shelby is a Kibana data visualization engineer at Elastic. A biologist/ecologist-turned-software developer, Shelby went from studying behavioral ecology and ants to working as a data visualization engineer for Beats Music, where he fell in love with creating visualizations from data using JavaScript.

Joe Fleming

Joe works for Elastic as part of the Kibana team. He's a big Javascript, web development, and open source advocate, and is active in the local development community, having presented at and helped operate several local meetups and lead various local training events.