Microsoft and Elastic

Microsoft and Elastic are collaborating to ensure that our joint customers have the best possible experience when using our products together across core Elastic use cases like application search, enterprise search, logging, monitoring, APM, SIEM, and more. Elastic supports Microsoft technology such as Windows OS, IIS web server, Azure Event Hub, Azure Monitor, Azure Active Directory, .NET developer SDKs, and much more. More recently, our collaboration has focused on providing a superior experience to users looking to deploy Elastic products on Azure.

Elasticsearch Service on Azure

Deploy managed Elasticsearch and Kibana on Microsoft Azure

With the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud, users can launch fully hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana clusters on Microsoft Azure with just a few easy clicks! Get started with our free 14-day trial.

Our Elasticsearch Service delivers access to the latest release, security patches, and an uptime SLA guarantee from Elastic employee SREs. We’re ready for the most demanding production workloads with zero downtime, one-click upgrades, and technical support expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

Intuitively flexible: Configuration and deployment are a breeze. Simple scaling, custom plugins, and architecture optimized for log and time series data are only a taste of what’s possible.

Feature packed: Get the complete Elastic experience with products and features like Elastic APM, Elastic SIEM, Elastic Maps, Canvas, machine learning, and more — exclusively available on the Elasticsearch Service.

Use case ready: Search, logging, and metrics are just the beginning. Bring your diverse data together to address security, observability, and other critical use cases.

Elastic Stack on Azure

Deploy self-managed Elasticsearch and Kibana through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Don’t want a fully managed Elasticsearch service? Elasticsearch and Kibana are available for self-managed deployment on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The self-managed Elastic Stack on Azure deployment option offers developers a variety of features to help configure their Elastic Stack deployment. Spin up a cluster on Azure with a few clicks by walking through a simple UI on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, providing an easy getting started experience. When ready to go to production, deploy the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template directly from Elastic's public GitHub repository using an Azure command line interface.

This offers features not available in UI deployments, such as configuring a storage account for backups and balancing load to the cluster through Azure Application Gateway. As well as deploying Elasticsearch, the template can deploy an instance of Kibana, allowing visualizations and dashboards to be built on top of the data gathered within the cluster, and multiple instances of Logstash, allowing ingestion of data from a variety of sources. Elasticsearch is highly scalable on Azure, allowing for a cluster of up to 50 data nodes (subject to the core quota available in the subscription).

This self-managed option uses a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) solution that deploys with a 30-day trial of our Platinum features including security, monitoring, alerting, graph analytics, machine learning, and more. The trial provides global support for Elasticsearch on Azure, including Azure Government. You can install your own license when the trial expires, or continue with the free features in the Basic tier. Check out Azure Marketplace documentation for more information.

When you're ready, visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to get started.