Elasticsearch on Microsoft Azure

Deploy Elasticsearch Clusters and Kibana through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Elasticsearch, Kibana, and X-Pack are available for deployment on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure is a set of hybrid cloud services used by developers and IT professionals to build, deploy, and manage applications. With availability in 42 regions around the world, Azure makes it simple to find a data center near you.

The Elasticsearch release on Azure offers developers a variety of features to help configure their Elasticsearch deployment. Spin up an Elasticsearch cluster on Azure with a few clicks while walking through a simple UI on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, providing an easy getting started experience. When ready to go to production, deploy the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template directly from Elastic's public GitHub repository using an Azure command line interface. This offers features not available in UI deployments, such as configuring the number and size of disks to store your data, configuring a storage account for backups, and encrypting communication to the cluster through Azure Application Gateway. As well as deploying Elasticsearch, the template can deploy an instance of Kibana, allowing visualizations and dashboards to be built on top of the data gathered within the cluster. Elasticsearch is highly scalable on Azure, allowing for any size of cluster you require (subject to the core quota available in the subscription).

The Azure offering is a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) solution that deploys with a 30-day trial of X-Pack. X-Pack features include security, monitoring, alerting, graph analytics, and machine learning capabilities. The trial provides global support for Elasticsearch on Azure, including Azure Government. You can install your own license when the trial expires.

When you're ready, visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to get started.