Release Notesedit

Version Compatibilityedit

Watcher 2.0.0 is compatible with:

  • Elasticsearch: 2.0.0
  • License 2.0.0
  • Shield 2.0.0

Upgrading Watcheredit

Watcher 2.0.0 is backward compatible with Watcher 1.0.x. Follow these steps to upgrade:

  1. Back up all of the watches you’ve defined. You can search/scan the .watches index and save the returned watches aside.
  2. Stop Elasticsearch on all nodes in your cluster.
  3. Uninstall the Watcher plugin from each node:

    bin/plugin remove watcher
  4. From here on you can simply follow the Getting Started guide.

Change Listedit


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented sending of emails



  • Adds support for Elasticsearch 2.0.1.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where under specific conditions Watcher would not start if there are not finished watch executions from the previous time that watcher was running and those watch execution are unable the execute during the current start process.


Breaking Changes

  • The dynamic index names support has been removed and Elasticsearch’s date math index names support should be used instead. The only difference between Watcher’s dynamic index names support and Elasticsearch’s date math index names support is how timezones are expressed. In Watcher this is done via node settings, in Elasticsearch the timezone is part of the date math index names support. Only if you’re using dynamic index names with timezones in Watcher then you need to upgrade your watches after the upgrade, otherwise your watches will work as they did before the upgrade. For example if watcher.dynamic_indices.time_zone setting was set to +01:00 and a watch has the following index name <logstash-{now/d}> then after the upgrade you need to update this watch to use the following index name <logstash-{now/d{YYYY.MM.dd|+01:00}}>.

New Features


  • Watcher continuously checks if the index templates for .watches, .triggered_watches and .watch_history-* exist. Whereas before the existence of these index templates was only checked at Watcher startup time. The absence of these index templates leads to watcher data being indexed incorrectly, which then can cause Watcher to behave incorrectly.
  • If Watcher was stopped via the stop Watcher api and after that a master election took place then Watcher would then unexpectedly start.
  • During Watcher start up only wait for the shards of the .watches and .triggered_watches indices to be available. Before Watcher also waited for the shards of the .watch_history-* indices, which wasn’t needed. This improved time it takes for Watcher to startup.
  • If action.auto_create_index setting has been configured then Watcher will check if the setting is too restrictive. If the action.auto_create_index is too restrictive then Watcher will fail during startup with a descriptive error message.

Bug Fixes

  • If Watcher was installed with Shield then the Watcher index templates couldn’t be stored and could lead to Watcher behaving incorrectly. This was caused by Watcher not detecting correctly if Shield was installed.
  • Update croneval command line utility to properly handle whitespaces in the elasticsearch home path.
  • Fixed an issue where the scheduler may get stuck during Watcher startup. This caused no watches to ever fire.
  • Fixed url encoding issue in http input and webhook output. The url params were url encoded twice.



  • Added execution time aware dynamic index names support to index action, search input, and search transform.
  • You must now explicitly specify the unit when configuring any time value. (Numeric-only values are no longer supported.)
  • Cleaned up the Get Watch API response.
  • Cleaned up the Stats API response.


New Features



New Features

  • Acking and Throttling are now applied at the action level rather than the watch level.
  • Added support for multi-doc indexing to the index action.
  • Added a queued watches metric that’s accessible via the Stats API.
  • Added a currently-executing watches metric that’s accessible via the Stats API.


  • The compare condition result now includes the value of each field that was referenced in the comparison.
  • The Execute API now supports a default trigger event (breaking change)
  • The watch_record document structure in the .watch_history-* indices has changed significantly (breaking change)
  • A new internal index was introduced - .triggered_watches
  • Added support for headers in the Webhook Action result and the HTTP Input result.
  • Add plain text response body support for the HTTP Input.

Bug Fixes