Site Search Reference

The Swiftype Site Search platform makes adding search to your website simple. Automatically crawl your data and index it into a hosted search engine, use intuitive algorithmic controls to fine-tune your search, and access real-time analytics that give you the information you need to improve the search experience and respond to emerging trends.

Swiftype Crawler

The Swiftype crawler is the easiest way to add a search engine to your site. View Crawler Quick Start.

Swiftype Developer APIs

Powerful full-text search and indexing APIs provide full programatic control over the content in your search engine. View API Quick Start.

Swiftype Tutorials

Learn how to add Swiftype to your website, CMS, or support portal, customize the appearance of your search box and search results, design effective schemas for API-based search engines, and more. View Swiftype Tutorials.