Release Notesedit


First release as Kibana App

  • Support for submitting multiple requests to Elasticsearch
  • Copy and Paste multiple requests in cURL format
  • Changes to fit the Kibana ecosystem, most notable on the history and settings panels

Brought up to date with Elasticsearch 2.0

  • Synced flush (ES issue #11336)
  • _cat/nodeattrs API (ES issue #12534)
  • HDRHistogram (ES issue #12362)
  • Pipeline Aggregation to filter buckets based on a script (ES issue #11941)
  • Aggregations: Adds other bucket to filters aggregation (ES issue #11948)
  • Adds cumulative sum aggregation (ES issue #11825)
  • Search Templates: Adds API endpoint to render search templates as a response (ES issue #11570)
  • Add an API to locate unrecovered shards and their state (ES issue #11545)
  • Aggregations: add serial differencing pipeline aggregation (ES issue #11196)
  • Query DSL: Add filter clauses to bool queries (ES issue #11142)
  • Add Holt-Winters to moving_avg aggregation (ES issue #11043)
  • Allow users to perform simple arithmetic operations on histogram aggregations (ES issue #11601)
  • Aggs: Make it possible to configure missing values (ES issue #11042)
  • Aggregation to allow users to perform simple arithmetic operations on histogram aggregations (ES issue #11029)
  • Adding Sum Bucket Aggregation (ES issue #11013)
  • Adding Average Bucket Aggregation (ES issue #11010)
  • Aggregation to calculate the sum of the values of the buckets in a given aggregation (ES issue #11007)
  • Aggregation to calculate the (mean) average value of the buckets in a given aggregation (ES issue #11006)
  • API: Add response filtering with filter_path parameter (ES issue #10980)
  • Add span within/containing queries (ES issue #10913)
  • min_bucket aggregation (ES issue #10900)
  • Add field stats api (ES issue #10523)
  • Update mapping API
  • Sampler aggregation (ES issue #10221)
  • Validate API: provide more verbose explanation (ES issue #10147)
  • Aggregation to calculate the moving average on a histogram aggregation (ES issue #10002)
  • Aggs to calculate the bucket which has the maximum value in a given aggregation (ES issue #10000)
  • Aggs to calculate the bucket which has the minimum value in a given aggregation (ES issue #9999)
  • PercentageScore` heuristic for significant_terms (ES issue #9747)
  • Shadow replicas on shared filesystems (ES issue #9727)
  • Add best_compression option for indices (ES issue #8863)
  • Add time_zone setting for query_string (ES issue #8164)
  • Add inner hits to nested and parent/child queries (ES issue #8153)
  • Add API to upgrade old Lucene indices to the latest version (ES issue #7922)
  • Significant terms: add scriptable significance heuristic (ES issue #7850)
  • Add format support for date range filter and queries (ES issue #7821)
  • Add min_score parameter to function score query to only match docs above this threshold (ES issue #7814)
  • Add search-exists API to check if any matching documents exist for a given query (ES issue #7026)
  • Added Filters aggregation (ES issue #6974)
  • Query DSL: Add min_score support to function_score query (ES issue #6952) ALREADY THERE
  • Significant Terms: Add google normalized distance and chi square (ES issue #6858)
  • Added the percentiles_rank aggregation (ES issue #6386)


  • Fixed: trailing space after URL broke request parsing.
  • Added: Cluster health’s level url parameter.
  • Added: _recovery API.
  • Added: _search_shards API.


  • Added: a settings to allow disabling mappings and/or indices autocomplete. This is useful for extremely large deployments where parsing by the browser is unrealistic.
  • Fixed: Url auto complete failed with completing fully qualified urls (i.e. with protocol and host).
  • Added: Custer Reroute API.
  • Added: Get Field Mappings API,
  • Added: Query Cache parmaters to the Search API.
  • Added: Analyze API.
  • Added: Validate Query API.
  • Fixed: include_in_parent and include_in_root is missing for nested type mapping.
  • Added: Put Percolator API.
  • Fixed: Range filter template to use gt, gte, lt and lte.
  • Added: cluster.routing.allocation.* settings
  • Added: weight param to the Function Score query.
  • Added: Flush API.
  • Added: show_term_doc_count_error parameter to the Terms Aggregation.
  • Added: Update API
  • Added: _geo_distance as a sort option.
  • Added: Updated the Significant Terms aggregation to 1.4.0 features.
  • Added: metadata fields to the Mapping API.
  • Added: Get Index API.
  • Added: Scripted Metric Aggregation.
  • Added: simple_query_string query.
  • Added: Updated the More Like This query to 1.4.0 features.
  • Added: min_childeren, max_children options to the has_child query and dilter.
  • Added: Updated execution hint options in terms and significant terms aggs.
  • Added: transform section of Mappings API.
  • Added: indexed scripts and templates.
  • Added: Geo Bounds aggregation.
  • Added: Top Hits aggregation.
  • Added: collect_mode option the Terms aggregation.
  • Added: Percentiles Rank aggregation.
  • Added: Disk Threshold Allocator settings.
  • Fixed: Exists filter auto complete.
  • Fixed: Snapshot and Restore API failed to autocomplete repository settings.


  • Fixed a bug causing the query panel to loose focus after running a command.
  • Update the KB to the ES 1.2.0 API, adding the following:
  • _cat/plugins
  • _cat/segments
  • _search/template
  • _count
  • _snapshot
  • Alias support for index creation.
  • Significant terms aggregation.
  • Percentiles aggregation.
  • Cardinality aggregation.
  • Time_zone keyword to date_histogram facet/aggregation.
  • Removed deprecated custom_score & custom_boost_factor from the 1.0 API.


  • Added support for url query string parameters
  • Sense now uses the last used server when opened (previously used the hostname used to access it).
  • Added Snapshot & Restore
  • Added Aggregations
  • Added support for url query string parameters
  • Updated for breaking changes in Elasticsearch 1.0


First Marvel based release


  • Increased history size to 500 elements
  • Add mappings to the KB.
  • Auto complete menu opens automatically when typing (read help for details on keyboard usage)
  • Added the possibility to indicate an endpoint needs one or more indexes to KB (previously had 0 or more).
  • GET request ignore editor content and the editor is visually disabled.
  • Double a click a history item to select it and close.
  • Changed icons to latest ES icons (thanks to @spenceralger)
  • Reduced size of method selector (v0.7.9)


  • Added support for username passwords in the url.
  • Added support for cURL copy & paste.
  • You can now copy current request in curl format (using menu button or a keyboard shortcut)
  • Paste a curl command into the editor and it will be parsed and all the correct fields populated


  • Mapping integration - autocomplete on indices, aliases and fields.
  • Added facets to the KB.
  • Enabled soft wrap in both input and output editors


  • Completed knowledge base and autocomplete for Query DSL


  • Moved to a Chrome Extension for better deployment and upgrading infrastructure.
  • Introduced a knowledge base system to better manage growing size.
  • Added an automated test suite.


  • History support


  • Initial release