Grouped navigation menuedit

Elastic Security’s grouped navigation menu groups related pages and highlights commonly visited areas for a streamlined experience.

By default, the Elastic Security app uses the legacy navigation menu. To enable grouped navigation, go to KibanaStack ManagementAdvanced Settings, then turn on securitySolution:enableGroupedNav.

grouped nav ui

The side navigation menu contains direct links and expandable groups, identified by the group icon (Group icon).

  • Click top-level links to go directly to pages that are essential for detection and investigation workflows (Alerts, Timelines, and Cases).
  • Click a group’s name to go to its landing page, with links and information for related pages.
  • Click a group’s icon (Group icon) to open its flyout menu. This displays the same links and information as the landing page, but without navigating away from the current page.
  • Use the Manage group to configure Elastic Security for various use cases, such as SIEM and endpoint management.