Unusual Process Spawned by a Hostedit

A machine learning job has detected a suspicious Windows process. This process has been classified as suspicious in two ways. It was predicted to be suspicious by the ProblemChild supervised ML model, and it was found to be an unusual process, on a host that does not commonly manifest malicious activity. Such a process may be an instance of suspicious or malicious activity, possibly involving LOLbins, that may be resistant to detection using conventional search rules.

Rule type: machine_learning

Rule indices: None

Severity: low

Risk score: 21

Runs every: 15m

Searches indices from: now-45m (Date Math format, see also Additional look-back time)

Maximum alerts per execution: 100



  • Domain: Endpoint
  • OS: Windows
  • Use Case: Living off the Land Attack Detection
  • Rule Type: ML
  • Rule Type: Machine Learning
  • Tactic: Defense Evasion

Version: 5

Rule authors:

  • Elastic

Rule license: Elastic License v2



The rule requires the Living off the Land (LotL) Attack Detection integration assets to be installed, as well as Windows process events collected by integrations such as Elastic Defend or Winlogbeat.

LotL Attack Detection Setup

The LotL Attack Detection integration detects living-off-the-land activity in Windows process events.

Prerequisite Requirements:

The following steps should be executed to install assets associated with the LotL Attack Detection integration:

  • Go to the Kibana homepage. Under Management, click Integrations.
  • In the query bar, search for Living off the Land Attack Detection and select the integration to see more details about it.
  • Follow the instructions under the Installation section.
  • For this rule to work, complete the instructions through Add preconfigured anomaly detection jobs.