Credential Dumping - Prevented - Elastic Endgameedit

Elastic Endgame prevented Credential Dumping. Click the Elastic Endgame icon in the event.module column or the link in the rule.reference column for additional information.

Rule type: query

Rule indices:

  • endgame-*

Severity: medium

Risk score: 47

Runs every: 10m

Searches indices from: now-15m (Date Math format, see also Additional look-back time)

Maximum alerts per execution: 10000

References: None


  • Data Source: Elastic Endgame
  • Use Case: Threat Detection
  • Tactic: Credential Access

Version: 101

Rule authors:

  • Elastic

Rule license: Elastic License v2

Rule queryedit

event.kind:alert and event.module:endgame and endgame.metadata.type:prevention and (event.action:cred_theft_event or endgame.event_subtype_full:cred_theft_event)