Cloud Posture dashboardedit

The Cloud Posture dashboard summarizes your Kubernetes infrastructure’s overall performance against CIS security benchmarks. To learn how to collect this data from your clusters, refer to Get started with KSPM.

The cloud Security dashboard

The Cloud Posture dashboard shows:

  • Configuration risk metrics for all monitored clusters
  • Configuration risk metrics for individual clusters
  • Configuration risks grouped by CIS section

Cloud Posture dashboard UIedit

The first row of cards (Cloud Posture Score, Failed Findings, and Open Cases) summarizes your overall cloud security posture (CSP) by aggregating data from all monitored Kubernetes clusters. Each subsequent row summarizes the CSP of an individual Kubernetes cluster.

The Cloud Posture Score card shows the collective performance of all your monitored clusters. Hover over the card to display when the data was collected.

The Failed Findings card shows failed findings grouped by Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark categories. Click any section name to view its failed findings on the Findings page.

Each row of cards after the first summarizes an individual cluster’s CSP. Each row includes the cluster’s name, the last 6 digits of its ID, its compliance score, and failed findings grouped by CIS section. When you begin to monitor a new cluster, a new row of cards appears.