Management toolsedit

This topic covers common troubleshooting issues when using Elastic Security management tools.


Required transform failed

If you encounter a “Required transform failed” notice on the Endpoints page, you can usually resolve the issue by restarting the transform. See Transforming data for more information about transforms.

Endpoints page with Required transform failed notice

To restart a transform that’s not running:

  1. Go to KibanaStack ManagementDataTransforms.
  2. Enter endpoint.metadata in the search box to find the transforms for Endpoint Security.
  3. Click the Actions button (…​) and do one of the following for each transform, depending on the value in the Status column:

    • stopped: Select Start to restart the transform.
    • failed: Select Stop to first stop the transform, and then select Start to restart it.

      Transforms page with Start option selected
  4. On the confirmation message that displays, click Start to restart the transform.
  5. The transform’s status changes to started. Refresh the page if you don’t see the change.