Creation of a Hidden Local User Accountedit

Identifies the creation of a hidden local user account by appending the dollar sign to the account name. This is sometimes done by attackers to increase access to a system and avoid appearing in the results of accounts listing using the net users command.

Rule type: eql

Rule indices:

  • winlogbeat-*
  • logs-windows.*

Severity: high

Risk score: 73

Runs every: 5m

Searches indices from: now-9m (Date Math format, see also Additional look-back time)

Maximum alerts per execution: 100



  • Elastic
  • Host
  • Windows
  • Threat Detection
  • Persistence

Version: 2

Rule authors:

  • Elastic

Rule license: Elastic License v2

Rule queryedit

registry where registry.path : "HKLM\\SAM\\SAM\\Domains\\Account\\Users\\Names\\*$\\"