Delete commentedit

Deletes the specified comment.

Console supports only Elasticsearch APIs. Console doesn’t allow interactions with Kibana APIs. You must use curl or another HTTP tool instead. For more information, refer to Run Elasticsearch API requests.

Request URLedit

DELETE <kibana host>:<port>/api/cases/<case ID>/comments/<comment ID>

URL partsedit

The URL must include:

  • the case ID of the comment’s associated case (call Find cases to retrieve case IDs).
  • the comment ID of the comment you are retrieving (call Get all case comments to retrieve comment IDs).

Example requestedit

Deletes comment ID 71ec1870-725b-11ea-a0b2-c51ea50a58e2 from case ID a18b38a0-71b0-11ea-a0b2-c51ea50a58e2:

DELETE api/cases/a18b38a0-71b0-11ea-a0b2-c51ea50a58e2/comments/71ec1870-725b-11ea-a0b2-c51ea50a58e2

Response codeedit

Indicates a successful call.