Get started with Elastic Observability


Get started with Elastic Observabilityedit

Learn how to spin up a deployment of our hosted Elasticsearch Service and use Elastic Observability to gain deeper insight into the behavior of your applications and systems.

The guides in this section describe how to:

get started
  1. Choose your source. Elastic integrates with hundreds of data sources for unified visibility across all your applications and systems.
  2. Ingest your data. Turn-key integrations provide a repeatable workflow to ingest data from all your sources: you install an integration, configure it, and deploy an agent to collect your data.
  3. View your data. Navigate seamlessly between Observabilty UIs and dashboards to identify and resolve problems quickly.
  4. Customize. Expand your deployment and add features like alerting and anomaly detection.

Get started nowedit

Follow the steps in these guides to get started:

Additional guidesedit

Ready to dig into more features of Elastic Observability? See these guides:

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