Kubernetes pod metricsedit

If you haven’t already, you need to install and configure Metricbeat to populate the Infrastructure app with data. For more information, see Ingest metrics.

To ingest metrics from running Kubernetes pods, Metricbeat needs to run as a DaemonSet to monitor multiple pods. For more information, see Running Metricbeat on Kubernetes.

When monitoring Kubernetes pods, you can use autodiscovery to automatically change the configuration settings in response to changes in your pods. Autodiscovery ensures that even when your pod configuration changes, metrics are still collected. To learn how to do this, see Metricbeat autodiscover configuration.

To help you analyze the Kubernetes pod metrics listed on the Inventory page, you can select view filters based on the following predefined metrics or you can add custom metrics.

CPU Usage

Average of kubernetes.pod.cpu.usage.node.pct.

Memory Usage

Average of kubernetes.pod.memory.usage.node.pct.

Inbound Traffic

Derivative of the maximum of kubernetes.pod.network.rx.bytes scaled to a 1 second rate.

Outbound Traffic

Derivative of the maximum of kubernetes.pod.network.tx.bytes scaled to a 1 second rate.

For information about which required fields the Infrastructure app uses to display Kubernetes pods metrics, see the Infrastructure app field reference.