Configure settingsedit

By default, the configuration settings for the Metrics app are enabled. The configuration uses the metricbeat-* and metrics-* index patterns to query the data. The configuration also defines field settings for things like timestamps and container names.

Override configuration settingsedit

  1. To access this page, go to Observability > Metrics.
  2. Click Settings.

    You can override the following configuration settings.


    Name of the source configuration.


    Index pattern or patterns in the Elasticsearch indices to read metrics data from.


    Configuring fields input has been deprecated. You should adjust your indexing using the Metrics app fields, which use the Elastic Common Schema (ECS) specification.

  3. When you have completed your changes, click Apply.

    If the fields are greyed out and cannot be edited, you may not have sufficient privileges to change the source configuration. For more information see Granting access to Kibana.

    If Spaces are enabled in your Kibana instance, any configuration changes you make here are specific to the current space. You can make different subsets of data available by creating multiple spaces with different data source configurations.