Configure settingsedit

To configure settings for the Infrastructure app in Kibana, go to ObservabilityInfrastructureInventory or Hosts, and click the Settings link at the top of the page. The following settings are available:

Setting Description


Name of the source configuration.


Index pattern or patterns used to match Elasticsearch indices that contain metrics. The default patterns are metrics-*,metricbeat-*.

Machine learning

The minimum severity score required to display anomalies in the Infrastructure app. The default is 50.

Click Apply to save your changes.

The patterns used to match log sources are configured in the Logs app. The default setting is logs-*,filebeat-*,kibana_sample_data_logs*. To change the default, refer to Configure data sources.

If the fields are grayed out and cannot be edited, you may not have sufficient privileges to change the source configuration. For more information see Granting access to Kibana.

If Spaces are enabled in your Kibana instance, any configuration changes you make here are specific to the current space. You can make different subsets of data available by creating multiple spaces with different data source configurations.

Related settingsedit

You can configure additional metrics settings in the Kibana configuration. For more information, refer to configuration settings in the Kibana documentation.