Upgrade to version 8.14.1edit

This guide explains the upgrade process for version 8.14.1. For a detailed look at what’s new, see:

Notable APM changesedit

  • All index management has been removed from APM Server; Fleet is now entirely responsible for setting up index templates, index lifecycle polices, and index pipelines.
  • APM Server now only writes to well-defined data streams; writing to classic indices is no longer supported.
  • APM Server has a new Elasticsearch output implementation with defaults that should be sufficient for most use cases.

As a result of the above changes, a number of index management and index tuning configuration variables have been removed. See the APM release notes, breaking changes for full details.

Find your upgrade guideedit

Starting in version 7.14, there are two ways to run Elastic APM. Determine which method you’re using, then use the links below to find the correct upgrading guide.

  • Standalone: Users in this mode run and configure the APM Server binary.
  • Fleet and the APM integration: Users in this mode run and configure Fleet and the Elastic APM integration.

Self-installation (non-Elastic Cloud users) upgrade guides

Elastic Cloud upgrade guides